WATCH: Senator Gallagher Voices Concerns for the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill 2016

The over-consumption of alcohol is a persistent issue in Ireland and has taken many lives. It is fair to say that there is probably not a family in the country that has escaped the effects of overconsumption of alcohol and the dangers and addiction that comes with it. Any Bill that strives to attempt to lower consumption must be welcomed, and I will certainly support it

If the minimum pricing of alchohol units comes in I do think this should be introduced in a joint effort with Northern Ireland. Businesses in border counties would not stand a chance should prices be risen in the Republic and not the North, as alcohol buyers would simply cross the border to avail of the cheaper prices.

There is also clarification needed with regard to the isolation of alcohol within retail premises. Where it may be easy in some cases small rural shops throughout the country do not have the funds of the size of premises to keep alcohol discreetly hidden and separate from other goods. There needs to be clear acceptable standards introduced which do not cause too much of a burden on business owners.

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