St Davnet’s an asset worth protecting-Call for funding for security patrols by Senator Robbie Gallagher

Senator Robbie Gallagher says that St Davnet’s Campus is a fantastic asset for the town of Monaghan and has commended the commitment of HSE management in working to ensure that the campus can be enjoyed by the local community notwithstanding the fact that the campus is first and foremost a healthcare facility rather than a public park.

Senator Gallagher was speaking after receiving a reply from the HSE regarding the damage done by vandals to the Catholic church on the grounds.

Senator Gallagher was told that “urgent plans are currently being developed to ensure the Catholic Church is repaired as soon as possible following recent damage and that this will facilitate return to the normal weekly services that take place.”

“I welcome the news that efforts are being been made to prevent further damage to this beautiful and historic building. There is a camera installation programme for the two churches, which has been planned over the past months, due to take place in the coming weeks,” said Senator Gallagher.
“Management has been proactive and in 2016 undertook a security report to identify key risk areas and establish an action plan to help mitigate risks associated with the on-going vandalism and with a view to enhancing the safety for service users, staff and members of the public on the campus. The report made a number of key recommendations including the Installation of new lighting and high spec monitored CCTV, the securing of vacant buildings, electronic access control systems, a vehicular barrier access system at the main entrance, enhanced signage and increased security arrangements to include regular security patrols and closer liaison with Garda Siochana. It is worth noting that a great deal of this work has already been carried out and further work will continue in a phased manner as funding becomes available,” he said.
“New lights have been installed and current lights upgraded, increased signage has been installed including signage denoting CCTV system. The installation and upgrading of additional cameras has been implemented and is on-going with a view to further extensive installation to include live monitoring, again when funding becomes available. Other improvements already achieved include:
• An integrated electronic control access system has now been fully installed and is operational in all buildings creating controlled access to buildings and sensitive areas within buildings. The system provides the facility for monitoring access to a degree whereby it is possible to identify who accessed what building and when creating an added layer of safety and security for staff and residents.
• Implementation of enhanced lockup systems for a number of at risk buildings
• Barrier installation with planned go live date to be agreed when supporting systems are in place.
• Additional burglar alarms installed and upgraded
• Vacant buildings have been further secured to protect them.
• Additional fire safety detection works installed.
• Decommissioned medical gas appliances and containers removed.
• Enhanced liaison with the Local Garda Siochana and nominated HSE staff attending regular meetings which are now in place.
• Security patrol services currently being researched and the preparation on-going for implementation when funding available.
“It is unfortunate that the closing of the farmyard was necessary in an effort to curb criminal activity but it is comforting that the HSE is determined to retain the public use of the facilities in an appropriate manner for leisurely activities such as walking and enjoying the beautiful grounds. The site not only houses a wide range of health facilities but is also the site of Monaghan Men’s Shed and Solas Drop-in Centre. Management and staff are also to be highly commended for the superb care and maintenance of the grounds of the campus,” he continued.
“Monaghan people are fortunate to have such a beautiful amenity in the town and it would be a very sad day indeed if vandals were allowed to curb its use. CCTV will certainly assist in deterring unsavoury behaviour but security patrols particularly after dark would certainly bring an additional layer of protection and deterrent,” he concluded.


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