Housing Crisis is a National Scandal says Gallagher

Senator Robbie Gallagher has echoed Fianna Fáil Leader Micheál Martin in branding the Government’s ongoing failure to make any progress on tackling the housing crisis as a national scandal. His comments follow confirmation that 2,973 children are now homeless in Ireland.

“We are experiencing an unprecedented housing crisis. Surging homelessness, a collapse in social housing construction, an absence of affordable homes and huge hikes in rental costs have been met with bluster and a total failure of policy by ministers and Government” said Senator Gallagher.

“We have had a succession of announcements, ‘action plans’ and excuses and still the problem continues to fester. This is a complex issue, but at its core the solution is simple. We must build significantly more houses and apartments as soon as possible,” he said.

“Local authorities need to be empowered and funded to build social housing. They also need to play a role in the provision of affordable homes and rental schemes. Fianna Fail has brought forward a number of policy initiatives that we believe would assist immediate progress on these aspects,” he added.

“The fact that almost 3,000 of our children are homeless and people are dying on our streets is a national scandal. Children being raised in hotel rooms and B&Bs is just not acceptable. This issue requires urgency and energy, and we have seen neither. We were able to build houses for people in the past when it was very challenging economically to do so. It can be done again. Fewer announcements and more action is what’s required,” he concluded.


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