Government not prioritising rural Ireland for jobs – Gallagher

Border Region particularly neglected in terms of FDI job promotion says Senator

The Governments assertion that it is supporting the creation of new and well paid jobs and investment outside of the capital is mere rhetoric according to Senator Robbie Gallagher.

Senator Gallagher was speaking after a Parliamentary Question reply to Fianna Fail from the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovations showed that one in two IDA site visits in the first half of 2017 were in Dublin.

“Five counties, some of whom still have excessively, and stubborn high, rates of unemployment received just one IDA site visit so far this year. Of the 323 IDA site visits, 155 or 48% took place in the capital. Sadly this has a continuing pattern for a number of years now,” said Senator Gallagher.

“The facts speak for themselves – large parts of the country aren’t on the IDA’s or indeed the Government’s radar. We regularly hear from the Government that multinationals only want to base themselves in the capital and although they may have legitimate concerns about housing and access to broadband, but I don’t accept that they are telling the IDA in every case that they only want to see sites in Dublin. Our successful local firms such as Combilift, Silverhill and Monaghan Mushrooms, to name a few are proof that firms can be successful here and in any case the issues with broadband and housing are issues the Government have dragged their feet on for some time now,” he added.

“The Border Region seems to be particularly neglected in terms of Foreign Direct Investment job promotion, and with Brexit on the horizon, we need new and more diversified jobs, less reliant on exporting to Britain,” he said.

“The Government is taking the easy option and since 2012, almost 50% of all IDA site visits were in Dublin. The two tier recovery has the hallmark of Fine Gael’s time in Government. Counties in regional Ireland need jobs and the Government’s effort is clearly half-baked,” concluded Senator Gallagher.



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